Which Candidate/Party is Most Favored by Economists?

In a survey conducted July/August of this year among 414 members of the National Association for Business Economics,
55% said that Clinton would do the best job as president of managing the economy,
15% said that Gary Johnson would, and
14% said that Donald Trump would.

In a survey conducted by the Financial Times late July this year,
70% of economists polled said a Clinton victory in November would be positive for growth in the US, compared with just under
14% for Trump.

In a survey conducted by Fortune in June, which included responses from 55 Fortune 500 CEOs,
58% said they would support Clinton in November and
42% said they’d support Trump.

A 2010 survey of 299 US economics professors found that
56% vote Democrat,
20.7% vote Republican, and
5.7% vote Libertarian.

A 2003 survey of 264 economists from the American Economics Association found that
58% vote Democrat,
23% vote Republican, and
2.7% vote Libertarian.

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