Aterciopelados – “Chica Difícil” – Spanish/English

Soy una chica difícil
Pero yo valgo la pena
Yo busco un santo, un gran romeo
Que por mi vaya, vaya hasta el cielo

Pícame el ojo, pélame el diente,
Échame flores, hazme canciones

– Hola, que rico verte.
– Oiga…
– ¿Me has pensado?
– Oiga no sea abusivo. [see note below from Grace] – Ah, es que tu te pierdes. [see note below from Grace] – Mmm mmm…
– Pero bueno, igual te busco. [see note below from Grace] ¿Y qué?, ¿Te puedo llamar?
– No, gracias.
– Ja ja ja.


No creas que es fácil tenerme
Titánico será el esfuerzo
Yo busco un mago un principe azul
Que por mi derrita el Polo Sur

* * *

I’m a difficult girl
But I’m worth the pain
I’m looking for a saint, a great Romeo
Who would go up to the sky for me

Shoot me a wink, flash me a smile,
Send me flowers, make me songs

“Hello, how nice to see you.”
“Have you thought of me?”
“Hey, don’t take advantage of me.”
“Ah, it’s that you vanish.”
“Mmm mmm…”
“Well, anyway, I’m looking for you.
So what? Can I call you?”
“No thanks.”
“Ha ha ha.”

Do not think it’s easy to have me
Titanic will be the effort
I’m looking for a mage, a prince charming
Who melts the South Pole for me

3 thoughts on “Aterciopelados – “Chica Difícil” – Spanish/English”

  1. Can I suggest some changes to the translations of a few lines:

    When he tells her “tu te pierdes”… a more accurate translation is “you disappear a lot”… (but he doesn’t mind looking for her)

    “Pero, bueno, igual de busco” means: “But, it’s just as well– I’ll look for you.”
    As you can probably tell from the tone of their voices, he is flirting with her and she is being difficult yet coy.

    Also when she tells him “no sea abusivo”, she is basically telling him he is being too forward, so the less literal translation is “hey, don’t cross the line”.

    And “mago” means magician.
    Thanks, Grace

    1. Thank you, Grace. I spent a lot of time on the spoken segment and sort of threw in the towel after unsuccessfully scouring the Internet and consulting a Mexico-born friend. I was starting to think that the expressions are perhaps only recognizable by Colombians. I went with “mage” instead of “magician” because the words are synonymous in English and the word “mage” looks more like “mago.”

  2. “Échame flores” is slang for “give me compliments”, but the flowery, piropo style of compliments typical to hispanohablantes.

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