The Weekly Standard

Facebook headline: Michigan Recount Exposes Possible Electoral Fraud in Detroit

Headline after clicking link: Michigan Recount Exposes Electoral Discrepancies in Detroit

New headline: Half-asleep Facebook User Exposes Shameless News Misrepresentation at The Weekly Standard

Body of new article: Decades of right-wing leadership at The Weekly Standard have destroyed the faith of even die-hard conservatives in the reliability of the Standard’s reportage.

In a recent article, the publication regurgitated two thoroughly-discredited claims: one, voter fraud is rampant and, two, Democratic leadership led to Detroit’s current state of disrepair.

On top of this, the article’s writer, Mark “Lie-in-Every-Sentence” Hemingway, leaves out this part of the article he quotes: “Of the data available, though, machines tallied at least 388 more ballots, according to a Detroit News analysis of the records. That’s 0.16 percent of the 248,000 ballots cast in the city that voted for Clinton 95 percent to 3 percent over Trump.”

Realizing that, like all conservative publications, it could only continue to stay afloat through subsidy and by constantly appealing to discredited arguments, the Standard promptly shuttered its sole “office” (Bill Kristol’s bedroom). The fifteen rich white guys who occasionally glanced at the Standard failed to notice its absence.

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