Stewart – Calculus – 4.5 – Summary of Curve Sketching

Mnemonic Device for Remembering Steps in Curve Sketching

A. Domain
B. Intercepts
C. Symmetry
D. Asymptotes
E. Decrease or Increase
F. Local Maximum and Minimum
G. Concavity and Points of Inflection

Dill Chips

“This is a dill chip.”

Now, think of this phrase as, “Dis a dill chip.”
This phrase is close to, “DISADILCIP.”

Use the first letters to reconstruct the steps: Domain, Intercepts, Symmetry, Asymptotes, Decrease/Increase (intervals), Local max/min, Concavity, Inflection Point.

(If you think of something better, please, share it.)

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