Song for Kelly Clarkson

I just wrote a new song about Empowerment that I think would be great
for Kelly Clarkson.

I call it “Strongerer (What Doesn’t Weaken You)”:

What doesn’t weaken you makes you stronger
Or, maybe leaves you the same as you were before
Or, tires you out temporarily — like exercise — but ultimately makes you stronger (or just generally improves your cardiovascular system)

And then there are things that may not kill you, but will probably
make you weaker, like diabetes, anemia,

Malnutrition, AIDS, head injuries, broken pelvis, heavy blood loss, alcohol abuse, psychological trauma, smoking, watching pro sports, obstetric fistula,

Syphilis, Michael Bay, hepatitis, getting shot in the guts, bulimia, back injuries, periodontitis, osteoporosis, stroke, heart attack, poverty, chronic migraines….

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