Obama Electoral Fraud?

If you’re like me, you get your news from DailyPaul.com religiously. So, you probably saw this recent post about alleged fraud:

These numerical aberrations can only occur through electronic vote rigging. This means that an Obama presidency was pre-determined, while Romney—or any other Republican nominee–would be cheated out of the presidency. In Cleveland-area Cuyahoga County Barack Obama received 100% of the votes in 20 precincts, amounting to 5978 votes versus zero for Romney. Yes, zero. There were 2 votes for Gary Johnson also ‘recorded’ in those precincts, while none for any others.


I wanted to see if this had happened in any of the Republican-leaning counties in Ohio, but not one of the top five Republican-leaning counties has posted a detailed, precinct-level count of votes. Cuyahoga County is good about posting detailed records, though.

Here’s a slice of Cuyohoga County’s Democratic votes since 2000:
2000: in 273 precincts, 90+% of votes were for Gore,
in 24 precincts, 98.5+% of votes were for Gore;

2004: in 263 precincts, 90+% of votes were for Kerry,
in 8 precincts, 98.5+% of votes were for Kerry;

2008: in 310 precincts, 90+% of votes were for Obama,
in 64 precincts, 98.5+% of votes were for Obama.

Here are the materials I used to draw these conclusions:
[Can be viewed with MS Excel, Excel Viewer (free), or OpenOffice Calc (free).]

Raw Data 2000 (txt file)

Raw Data 2004 (txt file)

Raw Data 2008 (txt file)

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