Johnny Carson

The Ultimate Carson Collection: Vol. 3
May 21, 1992: Guests Bette Midler and Robin Williams (then filming Toys). Williams jokes that H.W. Bush told Quayle to talk about Jerry Brown and Quayle, confused, spoke about Murphy Brown: “‘Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Buster Brown, Buster Brown, Buster Brown, Buster Brown, Audie Murphy, Audie Murphy, Audie Murphy…Murphy Brown! Murphy Brown makes me so….’ Don’t you realize that he’s rain man”?!

Williams says that to impersonate H.W., you start with John Wayne and then “tighten up his ass.”

Williams at one point acts out a brief conversation between Quayle and a questioner:
“Dan, what do you think about Roe versus Wade?”
“I prefer to float.”

The Ultimate Carson Collection: Vol. 2
May 5th, 1983: Albert Brooks
June 20th, 1984: Annie Potts
October 11th, 1991: Ann-Margaret
May 21st, 1992: Bette Midler
July 28th, 1988: Bill Clinton
May 12th, 1992: Bob Newhart
March 20th, 1992: Cathy Guisewite
September 5th, 1990: Charles Grodin
December 12th, 1986: Chevy Chase
October 25th, 1985: Dyan Cannon
September 15th, 1986: Jane Fonda
July 18th, 1991: Madeline Kahn
June 20th, 1984: Shelley Winter
December 12th, 1986: Siskel & Ebert
April 9th, 1992: Ted Koppel
September 13th, 1989: Zachary LaVoy
1987: Rohan Varavadekar
1985: Roseanne Arnold

Also contains Johnny Goes Home, a documentary Carson hosts about his childhood in Nebraska.

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