In the NOW (Russia Today)

If you think Russia Today is a trustworthy source of information, you should take a look at this video by their offshoot In the NOW.

“These are activists.”

RT shows an image from the Twitter account of a person who calls himself a teacher and an activist. None of the other people in the other Twitter accounts call themselves activists.

“Some of them just recently joined Twitter.”

The “some of them” refers to the same person’s Twitter account. Why is it significant that this person started this account in October? One of the other accounts mentioned was started in 2010. Another was started in 2012. What does this prove?

“Some of them … clearly support the revolution.”

Again, as evidence of “some,” we’re shown a single example (@Linashamy). This person’s account dates to September 2012. This person must surely be quite credible then, right?

“They have thousands of followers.”

We’re now shown an example of one Twitter user with 27,000 followers. This user, as mentioned above, has been using Twitter since September 2012. Exactly what does having thousands of followers prove?

“Some call themselves journalists and are verified on Facebook, like Bilal Abdul Kareem, an American who has no trouble pushing Al-Nusra propaganda.”

Once again, “some” is used to refer to a single person. Also, what’s the evidence that this person “has no trouble pushing Al-Nusra propaganda”? No evidence is presented. This account was started in January 2010. Therefore, this person is above reproach, right?

“This guy is a member of The White Helmets who were founded by a British ex-military officer and have been funded with millions by the US and UK.”

The White Helmets are, according to CNN, “plumbers, postmen, teachers and other civilians … training and joining forces to become a medical and rescue team” in Syria.

On top of that, RT presents no evidence that ishmael12345611 is affiliated with The White Helmets outside of a single mention in a Tweet.

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