Honda Shadow VLX VT600CD


Engine oil capacity

At draining 2.1 l (2.2 US qt, 1,8 Imp qt)
  At disassembly 2.8 l (3.0 US qt, 2.5 Imp qt)
  At oil filter change 2.25 l (2.38 US qt, 1.98 Imp qt)

Change the engine oil with the engine warm
and the motorcycle on its side stand to assure complete
and rapid draining.

Warm up the engine.
Place an oil drain pan under the engine to catch the
oil, then remove the oil drain bolt and oil filler cap/

With the engine stop switch "OFF", push the starter
button for a few seconds to drain any oil which may
be left in the engine.

Do not operate the motor for more than few

After draining the oil completely, check that the
sealing washer on the drain bolt is in good
condition and replace if necessary.
Tighten the drain bolt to the specified torque.

Install the oil filler cap/dipstick.

Start the engine and let it idle for 2 or 3 minutes.
Stop the engine and weight a few minutes, then
check that the oil level is at the upper level mark
with the motorcycle upright.

Check that there are no oil leaks.


Remove the oil filter using the oil filter wrench.

Apply engine oil to the new oil filter threads and the
Install and tighten the new oil filter to the specified

Fill the crankcase with the recommended engine oil.

Install the oil filler cap/dipstick.
Start the engine and recheck the oil level.

Make sure that there are no oil leaks.


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