Equations between WordPress, Open Office and LaTeX

Equations in WordPress

These are the steps to create LaTeX equations on non-WordPress.com blogs.

  1. Install and activate Jetpack.
  2. Connect your self-hosted WordPress blog with your WordPress.com account by going to “Settings” of the Jetpack plugin.
  3. I prefer to use Open Office Writer to type equations. To turn these formulas into LaTeX format, I downloaded and installed Writer 2 Latex. (To install the plugin, I double-clicked two different .oxt files: writer2latex.oxt and writer4latex.oxt. I’m not sure what the difference is, but it seems to work.)
  4. Once you have Writer 2 Latex installed, a “LaTeX” menu item should appear. You can click that and a LaTeX document will appear in the same directory as the OOWriter document you’re working in.
  5. You can then open the .tex file with, as I do, Notepad++ or another text editor.
  6. Alternatively, you can go to a site like this one.


  • Open Office


    • Exponential: func e^{a}
    • Square root: sqrt{a}
    • nth root: nroot{a}{b}


  • LaTeX


    • LaTeX
      Code: [latex size="2"]\lim_{x \to a}=\L[/latex]
      Result: \lim_{x \to a}=\L
    • Open Office
      Code: lim from x toward a {f(x)} = nitalic{L}
      Result: [click here]

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