Dear Crystal Geyser Water,

Mmm MMM! I am tasting your excellent spring juice now. Does it QUENCH!

Hey, I heard this one priest the other day at St. Tim’s say that getting married is like putting together two h’s and an o to make water? And he said that if you put the wrong number of h’s and o’s together, you might get an explosion. WHAT?! Is that true (cool!)?

Well, if that’s true, I think more marrieds should become Crystal Geysers. This is just my opinion and I buy your water all the time and often consume it to disgorgement!

So, I was looking at my water bottle just now and I saw that it says, “Do not refill.” I wondered why it says that. Could you tell me?


* * *

Dear Clifton,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water™. At CG Roxane, consumer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Any time there is a concern about one of our products or its packaging, we appreciate the fact that someone contacts us to that we can respond.

In response to your inquiry, we do not recommend refilling our bottles because when one opens any container, microorganisms can be introduced in the container and begin to grow. If water, or any other beverage is repeatedly refilled into non-sterile containers, the possibility of microbiological growth in that container will therefore increase. (This is particularly true, as you may imagine, if one drinks directly from a beverage container and then refills the container on an continuous basis.) You may think of the example of using the same cup over and over again for drinking water in your home environment. After a while, although the cup has only been filled with water, we are sure that you would want to wash it before using it again.

When we bottle our Alpine Spring Water™, we rely on several procedures to insure that we fill our bottles with our natural spring water in such a manner as to forestall any opportunity that microorganisms may have to enter our bottles. We simply cannot control what may happen to a bottle after it leaves our factory and is refilled by someone else. Therefore, we do not recommend refilling and re-using our bottles.

Another issue that concerns us is that occasionally someone (perhaps a small restaurant or catering company) refills our bottles with tap water, and serves it to the public. We cannot control the cleanliness of the re-filling process, or the quality of the water used in refilling the bottle. We feel in this case, that aside from sanitation issues, the consumer is being deprived of the natural spring water that they believe they are consuming. This issue concerns all manufacturers of branded products. No doubt any consumer would feel that fraud has been committed if they thought they were being served an expensive bottle of wine in a restaurant for example, only to find out that the bottle had been refilled with a less costly variety!

Thank you again for your interest in Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water™. We hope that we have been of assistance to you in answering your inquiry.


Nancy A Davis
Consumer Services Manager

* * *

Dear Nancy,

Holy Moly! You are so quick at replying in only five minutes with such a genuine and appreciated thoroughness!

I read your email and it was really long, but it also has so much information that I quickly became very grateful and weary to have it.

I have another question that I hope you won’t regard as despicable.

I like to buy your large containers of Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water™ as well as the smaller bottles. Usually, when the smaller bottle is empty, rather than throwing it out immediately, I will fill it back up with my larger sized container of Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water™. Now, I usually wash out the smaller, contaminated bottle before I let it touch your water again. I was just wondering: how poisonous am I being both to my Crystal Geyser® bottle and to my own mouth?

I only ask because I finally realized after reading your email several times, both aloud and to Jesse, that I may be infecting my spit with several of my own germs, toxins, and microbes etc., eg, ie.

So, what I am now wondering is the following: can you sterilize me like you sterilize your water™? This is very important to me as I plan to interact with others soon and don’t want my disfigured swine face to infect them. It could be a HORRIBLE panacea!

Thank you for your grace in this matter.


* * *

Dear Clifton,

Thank you once again for your email. For any questions regarding our product and health we recommend speaking with your family physician.

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Consumer Services

One thought on “Dear Crystal Geyser Water,”

  1. I usually drink your water but I have been finding it difficult to buy because I can’t find it in the stores that I usually buy it at. What’s happening to my water supply? I can’t find it at Sam’s Club anymore or at Von’s. I also buy it at food 4 less. I haven’t looked at food 4 less yet though. Please tell me what’s happening to my water. Some people were saying it smelled and tasted funny, is that the problem? Thank You very much Valerie Morgan.

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