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The I-Pen and Paint.NET for Math

For anybody looking to make writing out equations on your computer easier, I have two recommendations:

First is the I-Pen (pictured above). It’s plug and play, but I think I had to install software either for my mouse or for the I-Pen itself to make the two device pointers move at two different speeds (you will probably want the I-Pen to move more slowly for greater accuracy).

Second, I have made this blank worksheet for working out problems in Paint.NET. I was using the version of Paint that comes with Windows 7 and it’s quite nice, but I wanted something with greater functionality that would work on my netbook (running Windows XP) as well. So, Paint.NET works well.

The only problem was that I don’t want to have to mess with layers and selecting a canvass size I like every time I need to work through one or a whole slew of equations. So, the above-referenced “blank worksheet” has proven useful so far. I open it once and then each time I want to begin a new equation, I press and hold the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and tap the “A” key (to select all) and then press the “Delete” key. Voila. Blank math canvass in approximately two seconds.

One issue with this approach is the way that Paint.NET handles layers. In order for my approach to work as intended, the layer settings window must look like this:

However, quite annoyingly, when you close and reopen this saved document, the layer settings window looks like this:

So, it must be changed back each time to allow trouble-free math drawing.