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Firefox Dual Language Spanish-English Spellcheck Dictionary

I wanted to be able to easily type a combination of English and Spanish and for my spelling to be checked for both simultaneously.

So, I installed two language files. I then combined my primary English dictionary with the Spanish (Spain) dictionary available from the Firefox add-on site. I combined the files by copying and pasting the contents of my English .aff and .dic files into the the Spanish .aff and .dic files.

This sort of works. I say sort of because when I use the Spanish dictionary, most English words are correctly identified as being spelled correctly. However, plural words and words ending in ed are identified as spelled incorrectly. Here is a screenshot of the phenomenon I’m describing.

In Windows 7, the dictionary files are installed here: C:\users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\

2006 Yamaha Virago XV250

Oil Quantity:
Without oil filter element replacement: 1.40 L (1.48 US qt) (1.23 Imp.qt)
With oil filter element replacement: 1.60 L (1.69 US qt) (1.41 Imp.qt)
Currently using Valvoline 20W50 Motorcycle oil
Note: 1.3 L seems to be the best amount with oil filter element replacement.


  • 9 ½” ratchet
  • 11/16 socket (1 ¼” long)
  • PH3 Bit


Price Comparisons
Search Date: 8/9/2011

Part Number: 2UJ-15431-02-00
Shipping…$18.73 (UPS Ground)


Spanish b and v

Note also that the letters B and V have exactly the same pronunciation, and their names are pronounced exactly alike. Some colorful expressions are used to indicate which letter is being used, such as B de burro and V de vaca (roughly, “B as in burro” and “V as in vaca”). Sometimes B is referred to as be grande (“big B”) and the V as uve or ve chica (“little V”).


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“…only outlaws will have guns.”

Mar. 31, 2010
“When police arrived, two children were found dead, Pubins said. One child was 5 and the other 15 months old….

The father, 39-year-old Andre Leteve, had a self-inflicted gunshot wound that police said was not life-threatening…. Police said he was distraught over a pending divorce from his estranged wife.”

Mar. 31, 2010
“An 18-year-old man died after being shot at a Phoenix apartment complex Wednesday afternoon.

… The men apparently met to engage in some sort of transaction.”

Mar. 28, 2010
“A Phoenix woman and her boyfriend were arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, after the woman’s husband was found with a gunshot wound Saturday night, Phoenix police said.

‘Moreno and the victim are husband and wife, and Qhihuis is her boyfriend. Moreno and her husband are going through a problematic divorce/custody battle,’ Thompson said in the press release.”

Mar. 21, 2010
“He was clearing the weapon inside the home to pack it into luggage for a trip,” Crump said in an e-mail. “When the weapon discharged, the round struck his wife who was in the backyard at the time. The shooting appears to have been unintentional.”

Mar. 18, 2010
“Man shot to death in driveway of Phoenix home”

Mar. 6, 2010
“A 19-year-old Chandler man was shot dead Saturday after a gun he was looking at fired as it was being put away, police said.”
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