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Aterciopelados “Maliño” Spanish/English



Dentro, muy dentro
Como implante
Incrustado en mi interior

En mi cerebro
Loop implacable
Mi voluntad destruyó

Poquito a poco
Tú te instalaste
¿Eres huésped o invasor?

Tiñes mis días de fatal melancolía
Eres el hacha que astilló toda mi vida
Premeditada y divina

Cruel y despiadado
Me has humillado
Y sin embargo aquí estoy

Aunque me ultrajes
Aunque me uses
Siempre a tu disposición

Se acabó
He llegado al límite
De mi ciega devoción

Tiñes mis días de fatal melancolía
Eres el hacha que astilló toda mi vida
Premeditada y divina

Quiero desintoxicarme
Cortar esta dependencia
Antes que sea tarde

Tiñes mis días de fatal melancolía….


Inside, deep inside
As an implant
Embedded within me

In my brain,
Implacable loop
My will destroyed

Little by little
You installed yourself
Are you host or invader?

You stain my days of fatal melancholy
You are the ax that splintered my whole life
Premeditated and divine

Cruel and merciless
You’ve humiliated me
And yet here I am

Although you outrage me
Although you use me
I’m always at your command

It’s over
I’ve reached the limit
Of my blind devotion

You stain my days of fatal melancholy…

I want to cleanse myself
To cut this dependence
Sooner rather than later

You stain my days of fatal melancholy…

Chords: Bbm, Gmaj, Abmaj, Ebmin

Leonard Cohen’s “Who by Fire?” Spanish Translation Attempt

And who by fire?
Who by water?
Who in the sunshine?
Who in the night time?
Who by high ordeal?
Who by common trial?
Who in your merry, merry month of may?
Who by very slow decay?
and who shall I say is calling?

Y ¿quién por fuego?
¿Quién por agua?
¿Quién en claridad?
¿Quién en oscuridad?
¿Quién por ordalía?
o proceso común?
¿Quién con aliento fecundo?
¿Quién en el ocaso?
Y ¿De parte de quién?

And who in her lonely slip?
Who by barbiturate?
Who in these realms of love?
Who by something blunt?
and who by avalanche?
Who by powder?
Who for his greed?
Who for his hunger?
and who shall I say is calling?


Y ¿quién por conmoción?
¿Quién por barbitúrico?
…en reinos del amor?
…por algo despuntado?
¿Quién por avalancha?
¿Quién por polvo?
¿Quién por avaricia?
¿Quién por hambre?
Y ¿De parte de quién?

And who by brave assent?
Who by accident?
Who in solitude?
Who in this mirror?
Who by his lady’s command?
Who by his own hand?
Who in mortal chains?
Who in power?
and who shall I say is calling?

Y ¿quién con valentía?
¿Quién por accidente?
¿Quién en solitario?
¿Quién en el espejo?
…por orden de su mujer?
…por su propia mano?
…en cadenas mortales?
¿Quién en poder?
Y ¿De parte de quién?

Elton John on Collaborating with Bernie Taupin

Interview in October 4th, 1997 issue of Billboard magazine:
Timothy White: What was the inspiration for the title track of “Madman Across the Water”?
Elton John: Bernie comes up with these ideas first, and I never know, I never ask him. He just gives me the lyrics, we never bother to discuss it. [Chuckles] That’s why we’ve lasted these years, we don’t get on each other’s nerves. We don’t dissect each other! I have no idea, and that’s the honest truth.

Leonard Cohen Show

I saw Leonard Cohen and company perform last night. Something that you may not realize when you listen to his recordings is that he skips a lot. No, I don’t mean that he skips over lyrics. I mean he frequently man-gallops. Perhaps it was only for this Phoenix, AZ audience, though. And perhaps he only skips off and on stage. He did this for at least five encores. For one encore, he played my favorite song, “Democracy”:

It’s coming to America first
The cradle of the best and of the worst
It’s here they’ve got the range
And the machinery for change
And it’s here they’ve got the spiritual thirst
It’s here the family’s broken
And it’s here the lonely say
That the heart has got to open
In a fundamental way
Democracy is coming
To the USA

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Sony Walkman NWZ-S615F

After hours of searching, I finally figured out that the free version of Any Video Converter will convert video files I have into ones I can view on my Walkman device.

I have used the mpeg4 option at a resolution of 320×240. I chose a bit rate of 112 and a frame rate of 15.

Using that method, I get a pretty good picture. A roughly 700 MB .avi file became a roughly 64 MB .mp4 file. Puzzlingly, a roughly 400 MB .avi file became a roughly 120 MB .mp4.

I’m afraid I don’t care enough to figure out what caused these differences. To my knowledge, I encoded these files using the same method.

Anyway, I hope someone finds some of this useful!

Music Review Quotations

Martina Kominiarek on the Counting Crows’ August and Everything After: “…I’d begun to sense my life was all wrong. Instead of trampling down everything that had thus far held all my meaning, I waited it out, riding the waves of Adam Duritz’s enormous accumulation of personal funk. (Though I thought I was riding his haunting lyrics, vocal passion, and perfectly timed crescendos.)

“In ‘Mercury,’ Adam says his crazy girlfriend drives him nuts, and the drumbeats relate how she sucks him into a funhouse that feels like an underwater vacuum.

Drumbeats from “Mercury”: Mercury

Adaptations and Misinformations

Wikipedia tells me that my dial tone is two overlapping tones:

One tone sounds at 350 Hz.

The other tone sounds at 440 Hz.

Together they sound like this.

Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper, acting, claimed (implicitly) that the dial tone was this.

However, after careful research, I discovered that, while Chris Cooper is humming a note around 350 Hz, Meryl Streep is humming a note closer to this.

That’s about 276 Hz or about a C#/Db!¹

Movies, I’m through believing everything you do!

Music Reference

VOCAL Approximate Frequency Range
Soprano 250Hz - 1K
Contralto 200Hz - 700Hz
Baritone 110Hz - 425Hz
Bass 80Hz - 350Hz
Piccolo 630Hz - 5K
Flute 250Hz - 2.5K
Oboe 250Hz - 1.5K
Clarinet (B flat or A) 125Hz - 2K
Clarinet (E flat) 200Hz - 2K
Bass Clarinet 75Hz - 800Hz
Basset Horn 90Hz - 1K
Cor Anglais 160Hz - 1K
Bassoon 55Hz - 575Hz
Double Bassoon 25Hz - 200Hz
Soprano Saxophone 225Hz - 1K
Alto Saxophone 125Hz - 900Hz
Tenor Saxophone 110Hz - 630Hz
Baritone Saxophone 70Hz - 450Hz
Bass Saxophone 55Hz - 315Hz
Trumpet (C) 170Hz - 1K
Trumpet (F) 300Hz - 1K
Alto Trombone 110Hz - 630Hz
Tenor Trombone 80Hz - 600Hz
Bass Trombone 63Hz - 400Hz
Tuba 45Hz - 375Hz
Valve Horn 63Hz - 700Hz
Violin 200Hz - 3.5K
Viola 125Hz -1K
Cello 63Hz - 630Hz
Double Bass 40Hz - 200Hz
Guitar 80Hz - 630Hz
Piano 28Hz - 4.1K
Organ 20Hz - 7K
Celeste 260Hz - 3.5K
Timpani 90Hz - 180Hz
Glockenspiel 63Hz - 180Hz
Xylophone 700Hz - 3.5K
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