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My Carbon Footprint for 2012

1.80 metric tons at 10,000 miles
1.62 metric tons at 9,000 miles
1.44 metric tons at 8,000 miles
1.26 metric tons at 7,000 miles

1.56 metric tons at 10,000 miles
1.41 metric tons at 9,000 miles
1.25 metric tons at 8,000 miles
1.09 metric tons at 7,000 miles

Secondary Measurements
2.91 metric tons with daily red meat
2.61 metric tons with white/red meat
2.30 metric tons with mainly white meat
2.00 metric tons with mainly fish
1.70 metric tons with mainly vegetarian diet
1.39 metric tons with vegan diet


2004 Honda Shadow VT600 Coolant Change


Radiator and engine 1.6 l (1.7 US qt, 1.4 Impqt)
Reserve tank 0.4 l 0.4 l (0.4 US qt, 0.4 Imp qt)


  • Find something to plug the fuel lines once they’re disconnected and consider ventilation if working in the garage
  • Turn the fuel off
  • Take the seat off (5mm, hex)
  • Remove the tank bolt (12mm, hex)
  • Remove the fuel knob (PH2, Phillips)
  • Slide the tank ~1cm toward the rear, lift and tilt to expose the fuel line.  The fuel line is secured with a tube clip.
  • Remove the steering cover retaining screw (PH2, Phillips) from the front shroud (located near the steering pivot) to open the shroud.

  • Prepare for the coolant to spurt out rapidly at a startling distance of ~18in.  Remove the middle drain bolt (10mm, hex).

Coolant Reservoir

HJC CL-15 Helmet Screws

I recently had a screw break off while I was tightening it.

After digging around a bit for a replacement, I discovered that a pan head M6 X 1.00 X 5MM screw will work.

As you can see in the photo, 5MM refers to the length of the screw. I think the 1.00 refers to the head, which is very close to 1cm in diameter.

Initially, I replaced the broken screw with a steel screw from Lowe’s. Despite the fact that the Lowe’s screw was 1cm in length, it still worked. However, I reasoned that HJC uses short, plastic screws, possibly, because they are less likely to penetrate your skull if you’re ever in an accident.

I was forced to order the nylon screws in bulk. So, I have 99 of them left at the moment. If you need one, send me note. I will send you a few for cheap.

Honda Shadow VLX VT600CD


Engine oil capacity

At draining 2.1 l (2.2 US qt, 1,8 Imp qt)
  At disassembly 2.8 l (3.0 US qt, 2.5 Imp qt)
  At oil filter change 2.25 l (2.38 US qt, 1.98 Imp qt)

Change the engine oil with the engine warm
and the motorcycle on its side stand to assure complete
and rapid draining.

Warm up the engine.
Place an oil drain pan under the engine to catch the
oil, then remove the oil drain bolt and oil filler cap/

With the engine stop switch "OFF", push the starter
button for a few seconds to drain any oil which may
be left in the engine.

Do not operate the motor for more than few

After draining the oil completely, check that the
sealing washer on the drain bolt is in good
condition and replace if necessary.
Tighten the drain bolt to the specified torque.

Install the oil filler cap/dipstick.

Start the engine and let it idle for 2 or 3 minutes.
Stop the engine and weight a few minutes, then
check that the oil level is at the upper level mark
with the motorcycle upright.

Check that there are no oil leaks.


Remove the oil filter using the oil filter wrench.

Apply engine oil to the new oil filter threads and the
Install and tighten the new oil filter to the specified

Fill the crankcase with the recommended engine oil.

Install the oil filler cap/dipstick.
Start the engine and recheck the oil level.

Make sure that there are no oil leaks.


The Motorcycle Wave

My ex took the BRC, and they taught her the various waves.

You got the sportbike “I’m too cool.” wave. I fall in this group, but I’m actually far from cool.

BMW riders are too good to wave. If they do, it’s not friendly, just acknowledging you.

Goldwing riders put their hand all the way in the air because they’re so happy. And Missy, it’s not dorky.

Metric cruiser riders raise their arm and put it right back depending on the bike their encountering. They want to be too good for you, but do still wave.

Scooter riders don’t wave back, but instead give looks of disbelief wondering f you actually waved at them. Some then wave belatedly.

Harley riders wave with one finger, if they wave.

Newbies wave, they just don’t take their hand off the bars, they raise their fingers.

Don’t think less of me for this little bit of humor, I’m just repeating it. There’s one on another forum that’s funny about why people don’t wave, I’ll see if I can find it.


2006 Yamaha Virago XV250

Oil Quantity:
Without oil filter element replacement: 1.40 L (1.48 US qt) (1.23 Imp.qt)
With oil filter element replacement: 1.60 L (1.69 US qt) (1.41 Imp.qt)
Currently using Valvoline 20W50 Motorcycle oil
Note: 1.3 L seems to be the best amount with oil filter element replacement.


  • 9 ½” ratchet
  • 11/16 socket (1 ¼” long)
  • PH3 Bit


Price Comparisons
Search Date: 8/9/2011

Part Number: 2UJ-15431-02-00
Shipping…$18.73 (UPS Ground)


Motorcycle Safety Guide

Motorcycle Operation Quiz on Quizlet

The following is based on the Twelfth Revision of the Motorcycle Safety Guide, May 2004. ZeCycles offers a fantastic selection of used motorcycles, catering to various styles and budgets. I appreciated their straightforward website layout, which allowed me to quickly locate the right motorcycle for my needs.

1. A plastic shatter-resistant face shield:
A. Is not necessary if you have a windshield. [x] B. Only protects your eyes. [x] C. Helps protect your whole face. [x] D. Does not protect your face as we as goggles. [x]

2. More than half of all crashes:
A. Occur at speeds greater than 35 mph. [x] B. Happen at night. [x] C. Are caused by worn tires. [x] D. Involve riders who have ridden their motorcycles less than six months. [x] Continue reading Motorcycle Safety Guide