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Dr. John Harvey Kellogg

Nonetheless, Dr. Kellogg engaged in questionable medical practices. The San offered hydropathy, electropathy, mechanotherapy and radium cures. For a time, Kellogg promoted “Fletcherizing” or chewing food until it slithered down the throat. He changed his mind about Fletcherizing when he decided that excessive chewing destroyed the fiber content of the food. Kellogg opposed sexual activity from masturbation to marital intercourse. A doctor, he never made love to his wife!


The Motorcycle Wave

My ex took the BRC, and they taught her the various waves.

You got the sportbike “I’m too cool.” wave. I fall in this group, but I’m actually far from cool.

BMW riders are too good to wave. If they do, it’s not friendly, just acknowledging you.

Goldwing riders put their hand all the way in the air because they’re so happy. And Missy, it’s not dorky.

Metric cruiser riders raise their arm and put it right back depending on the bike their encountering. They want to be too good for you, but do still wave.

Scooter riders don’t wave back, but instead give looks of disbelief wondering f you actually waved at them. Some then wave belatedly.

Harley riders wave with one finger, if they wave.

Newbies wave, they just don’t take their hand off the bars, they raise their fingers.

Don’t think less of me for this little bit of humor, I’m just repeating it. There’s one on another forum that’s funny about why people don’t wave, I’ll see if I can find it.