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Gingrich on Jefferson, God, Immigration

I was bumming around the ‘Net recently, looking for arguments against socialism, when I came across a speech by Newt Gingrich. Well, I kept hearing stuff that I couldn’t help but question. So, I transcribed the speech and added some annotations. The bracketed numbers, if it isn’t clear, are a rough indication of where Mr. Gingrich said that in the speech.

The speech was posted without information about the venue, date, or time. I can only guess that he gave it in 2005, around the time he published Winning the Future.

The speech starts…now:

[audio: to .55.mp3|titles=:0 to :55] [:0 – :55]

I’m going to take just two or three topics to give you examples of this level—this is the Reagan/Thatcher level of setting up arguments so profound that the other side, in the end, can’t win them, and then just sticking to it.

So, I’m going to give you a couple of areas to think about. I’m going to deal with patriotic education and patriotic immigration. And, in order to explain the context of patriotic education and patriotic immigration, I’m going to talk a little bit about the centrality of our Creator to understanding America as an exceptional country. Continue reading Gingrich on Jefferson, God, Immigration