An E-mail to the Executive Producer of Sonoran Living LIVE

Hi, Eva!  Thank you for taking the time to read my email message.

I have what I think would be an excellent show idea:  "Junky Snail Mail."

I think everyone can agree that junky snail mail and junk email are both undesirable (the giveaway is that word "junk"–or "junky").  How about a Sonoron Living show in which one of your reporters helps show people how to combat this potentially deadly* pandemic?

One place I thought Sonoran Living LIVE** reporters could begin their investigation is with this junky publication I just received, "Sizzlin’ Savings Guide," that has an add for on the cover.  Ironically, the magazine contains an article on resource conservation.  Mostly, though, it’s made up of advertisements that I have no interest in seeing accompanied by articles I have no interest in reading.  A good reporter to handle this "Junky Snail Mail" segment might be Stephanie Sandoval.  She figures most prominently on the cover of this "Sizzlin’ Savings Guide."  I’m sure she would be very upset to know that her likeness is being used in such defamatory ways.

The most egregious aspect of this Sizzlin’ Savings Guide is that there is absolutely no information about how to prevent future, equally unwanted, editions from ending up in my overcrowded mail box.

I think viewers who follow your program (I certainly never have) will be surprised at your integrity and candor in dealing with this subject that you are currently contributing to in a negative way.

Thank you again, Eva, for taking the time to read my message!

Best Wishes,
Clifton Smith

PS.  I have included a picture of children.  I hope this makes the importance of my proposed news segment more apparent.

*I feel I may develop a heart condition because of my junky snail mail.  A recent Wal-Mart blood pressure test gave me a prehypertensive systolic reading.[back]

**Has anyone considered changing the word "Sonoran" to "Lively" in the show’s title?  We could then have "Lively Living LIVE."  If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about people, it’s that some of them are alive.[back]


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