Judges 12:5-6
Young’s Literal Translation

5 And Gilead captureth the passages of the Jordan to Ephraim, and it hath been, when [any of] the fugitives of Ephraim say, `Let me pass over,’ and the men of Gilead say to him, `An Ephramite thou?’ and he saith, `No;’

6 that they say to him, `Say, I pray thee, Shibboleth (שבלת);’ and he saith, `Sibboleth,’ (סבלת) and is not prepared to speak right — and they seize him, and slaughter him at the passages of the Jordan, and there fall at that time, of Ephraim, forty and two chiefs.

Thoughts on Martin/Zimmerman

Here are some opinions I have re: Martin/Zimmerman that I hope some superior intellect will disabuse me of: 
one, if you suspect someone near you of being a dangerous criminal, you should not pursue them, but instead run away from that person, hide, and contact the police;
two, if you are being followed by someone and you think they’re a threat, you should not punch them in the face, but instead run away and hide from them.
Marie  “Wrong. Both wrong. Fighting to the death is the only honorable choice.”
—Jean-Claude Van Damme
Merica From their own perspectives: one, heroes don’t hide; two, always stand up for yourself.
Thom In my martial arts training we were taught to always flee if possible. Anything else you’ve learned as a martial artist is a last resort.
Clifton Yeah, Thom, you may know that I once got to the rank of black belt in taekwondo. To my memory, my instructor always endorsed the “flee from (potential) knife/gun” maneuver. Continue reading Thoughts on Martin/Zimmerman