Excerpt from the Documentary Whore’s Glory

still from the documentary Whore's Glory

I had nine customers today. All nine were really fine. They were perfect gentleman with me. It always depends on the man’s family. If he comes from a good family, he has good manners; if he comes from a bad family, he has bad manners. … But it depends on my behavior too. If I treat him badly, he treats me badly. If a girl behaves badly, she gets a bad reputation quickly. … If I lose a customer, then his friends stop coming too. I treat my customers right so they keep coming back. Otherwise, I would be left with nothing. A customer would come once and then never again.

My Carbon Footprint for 2012

1.80 metric tons at 10,000 miles
1.62 metric tons at 9,000 miles
1.44 metric tons at 8,000 miles
1.26 metric tons at 7,000 miles

1.56 metric tons at 10,000 miles
1.41 metric tons at 9,000 miles
1.25 metric tons at 8,000 miles
1.09 metric tons at 7,000 miles

Secondary Measurements
2.91 metric tons with daily red meat
2.61 metric tons with white/red meat
2.30 metric tons with mainly white meat
2.00 metric tons with mainly fish
1.70 metric tons with mainly vegetarian diet
1.39 metric tons with vegan diet


Learn Spanish with M. Pasteur

Pasteur — El Libro

Sometimes pronouns in the quizzes do not match those used in the book; this is intentional and was done for variation. Sometimes phrases are used in the quizzes rather than individual terms; this is to contextualize words/phrases that might be difficult alone.


  1. quiz
    Buscando aire puro
    ¡Tenía que ser cierto!

  2. quiz
  3. El gran debate
    La clave para entender las enfermedades

  4. quiz
  5. Enemigos
    El microscopio

  6. quiz
  7. Los trabajos de Spallanzani sobre los microbios
    ¿Existe la generación espontánea?

  8. quiz
  9. Los microbios se dividen
    La teoría de los gérmenes

  10. quiz
  11. El joven Pasteur
    A París

  12. quiz
  13. De nuevo en París
    Primeras investigaciones

  14. quiz
  15. Cristales y luz
    La primera aventura Continue reading Learn Spanish with M. Pasteur

American Presidents Mnemonic

When a joke makes men afraid
Just be happy that past thoughts fade
Post bail, leave jail, go home
Great Asian cars have chrome
Machines rule the world; humans compare huts
Roast the Earth! Kick Johnson’s nuts!

  1. Washington
  2. Adams
  3. Jefferson
  4. Madison
  5. Monroe
  6. Adams
  7. Jackson
  8. Van Buren
  9. Harrison
  10. Tyler
  11. Polk
  12. Taylor
  13. Fillmore
  14. Pierce
  15. Buchanan
  16. Johnson
  17. Lincoln
  18. Grant
  19. Hayes
  20. Garfield
  21. Arthur
  22. Cleveland
  23. Harrison
  24. Cleveland
  25. McKinley
  26. Roosevelt
  27. Taft
  28. Wilson
  29. Harding
  30. Coolidge
  31. Hoover
  32. Roosevelt
  33. Truman
  34. Eisenhower
  35. Kennedy
  36. Johnson
  37. Nixon
  38. Ford
  39. Carter
  40. Reagan
  41. Bush
  42. Clinton
  43. Bush
  44. Obama