2004 Honda Shadow VT600 Coolant Change


Radiator and engine 1.6 l (1.7 US qt, 1.4 Impqt)
Reserve tank 0.4 l 0.4 l (0.4 US qt, 0.4 Imp qt)


  • Find something to plug the fuel lines once they’re disconnected and consider ventilation if working in the garage
  • Turn the fuel off
  • Take the seat off (5mm, hex)
  • Remove the tank bolt (12mm, hex)
  • Remove the fuel knob (PH2, Phillips)
  • Slide the tank ~1cm toward the rear, lift and tilt to expose the fuel line.  The fuel line is secured with a tube clip.
  • Remove the steering cover retaining screw (PH2, Phillips) from the front shroud (located near the steering pivot) to open the shroud.

  • Prepare for the coolant to spurt out rapidly at a startling distance of ~18in.  Remove the middle drain bolt (10mm, hex).

Coolant Reservoir

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