Muslim Population Proportion vs. FGM Prevalence: Pearson Correlation

The following is the result of a Pearson correlation performed using SPSS.
The data on Muslim population proportion are from here; the data on FGM prevalence are from here.
Download the data set here.

Caveats: I am almost certainly not qualified to analyze these data appropriately. (I have a semester of behavioral health stats under my belt, but I do not use the information regularly.) In some cases, Wikipedia lists a range of FGM prevalence. I tried to use the figure that appeared to be most reliable.

Pearson Correlation Comparing Muslim Population Proportion to FGM Prevalence
Pearson Correlation Comparing Muslim Population Proportion to FGM Prevalence

Is this a significant correlation? According to this reference, a value between .40 and .69 is considered a “strong relationship.” So, .504 would be considered a significant correlation.

SPSS-Generated Scatter Plot Graph with Regression Line
SPSS-Generated Scatter Plot Graph with Regression Line (Click to enlarge)

Length of Time to Female Orgasm


Previous research indicates that women prefer orgasms triggered by penile- vaginal intercourse (PVI) as compared to those triggered by direct manual stimulation of the clitoris.

Miller and Byers (2004) found a large difference between women’s ideal duration of intercourse and their actual duration of intercourse. Women reported having sex for 7 minutes on average, but they desired to have intercourse for 14 minutes on average.

[I]n a sample of East German women, Schnabl (1980) found that 25% of women were able to have an orgasm within 2 minutes of intercourse, while 60% of women could have an orgasm after 10 minutes of intercourse.

The never or rarely group had an mean intercourse duration of 23.24 minutes, the sometimes group had a mean intercourse duration of 27 minutes, and the almost always or always group had a mean intercourse duration of 34.64 minutes.

No prior studies were found that reported an average duration of intercourse as high as what was found in the current study (M = 27 minutes, Mdn = 20 minutes). A previous study with a national sample of Czech women found an average estimated duration of penile-vaginal intercourse of 16.2 minutes compared to American women’s average of about eight minutes (Weiss & Brody, 2009).

Ideal Average Minutes of PVI: 33.38
Average minutes of PVI to trigger orgasm: 18.60

Powers, C.R. (2012, August). Female Orgasm from Intercourse: Importance, Partner Characteristics, and Health. University of North Texas. Retrieved October 21, 2014 from

22.8% of females reported reaching climax less than 2 minutes after intromission
52.6% less than five minutes in coitus in first marriage
19% claimed to have lasted 10 or more minutes

Kinsey, Alfred C. et al. (1953/1998). Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders; Bloomington, IN: Indiana U. Press. Retrieved October 21, 2014 from

Women in this study said they could masturbate and orgasm with ease in just a few minutes. Of the 82 percent of women who said they masturbated, 95 percent could orgasm easily and regualarly, whenever they wanted. Many women used the term “masturbation” synonymously with orgasm: women assumed masturbation included orgasm.

Hite, S. (Original study — 1976; eBook edition — 2011). The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality (Google eBook).*

Image credit: Bernie C and Tony McCann