Christmastime Parable

So, I was walking through the mall the other day and passed by Santa. I happened to overhear him having a conversation with a cute little girl dressed in red and green Christmasy attire, with little ribbons and bows in her hair. Very cute! Well, she had the adorablest question to ask Santa! She said, “Santa, how could I be an elf and go to live at the North Pole forever and ever with you?”

Santa grinned at the little cutey-pie, scooped her up, sat her down on a nearby table and kneeled so he was at eye-level with her and said, “Going to the North Pole and becoming an elf is like a president who set up a birthday party for his daughter. The president sent some of his helpers to those he’d invited to the party to tell them to come, but they refused.

“Then, he sent some more helpers and said, ‘Tell everybody I invited that the party’s ready! There’ll be burgers and cupcakes and confetti, and everything’s ready. Come to the party!’ Continue reading Christmastime Parable

Leonard Cohen Show

I saw Leonard Cohen and company perform last night. Something that you may not realize when you listen to his recordings is that he skips a lot. No, I don’t mean that he skips over lyrics. I mean he frequently man-gallops. Perhaps it was only for this Phoenix, AZ audience, though. And perhaps he only skips off and on stage. He did this for at least five encores. For one encore, he played my favorite song, “Democracy”:

It’s coming to America first
The cradle of the best and of the worst
It’s here they’ve got the range
And the machinery for change
And it’s here they’ve got the spiritual thirst
It’s here the family’s broken
And it’s here the lonely say
That the heart has got to open
In a fundamental way
Democracy is coming
To the USA

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The Fountain…Explained

The Fountain is about two people who like each other a lot.
One of them, Izzi, is dying of brain cancer; the other, Tommy, is really sad about that.

As she is dying, Izzi writes the fictional account of Tomas and Queen Isabel.

Isabel asks Tomas, the conquistador, “Will you deliver Spain from bondage?” Tomas replies, “Upon my honor and my life.” Isabel says, “Then you shall take this ring to remind you of your promise. You shall wear it when you find Eden. And, when you return, I shall be your Eve. Together we will live forever.” Continue reading The Fountain…Explained

The Prestige: Notes (with spoilers)

It seems that Angier/Caldlow would’ve been much less angry at Borden/Fallon if Borden/Fallon had assured him that, whatever knot Borden/Fallon had tied, Julia had very clearly signaled her approval. Don’t believe me? Fast forward 23 minutes and 40 seconds into the movie and watch Julia nod her approval to Borden/Fallon as he makes a knot choice. Why did Julia really die? To give Angier/Caldlow a reason to be pissed at Borden/Fallon. Why should Angier/Caldlow be pissed at Borden/Fallon? One reason might be that it adds extra spice to their rivalry and makes for a tenser movie. Continue reading The Prestige: Notes (with spoilers)

Migrating WordPress Blog from Site5 to 1and1 (aka 1&1)

I can only speak for the 1and1 half of this as my friend did the sql dump at Site5.

I updated the database name in the sql dump. I uploaded it using MySQL 5.0 (I previously used MySQL 4.0) and phpMyAdmin. I made my edits using BDV Notepad.

When I had the sql dump file open in BDV Notepad, some characters (em dashes, smart quotes, u with umlaut, etc.) looked corrupted. However, after I uploaded the file, they appeared fine.

My previous attempt to edit the sql dump file in MS Notepad seemed to corrupt many special characters. My attempt to upload the file after editing failed several times. I think this had something to do with the UTF character encoding. The solution seemed to be to change as little as possible. Though, I did cut out around 2mb of unnecessary rss info that I think was generated by something called Magpie RSS.

I had all the WordPress directory ready to go on the new server. So, I followed the directions here:

4/20/2010 Update: I had to upgrade my MySQL version to upgrade WordPress (to v2.9.2) and found I had a really tough time working with the SQL dump. After several hours of searching, I finally came across this: SQLDumpSplitter. After installing this and splitting the file, the SQL import was simple.