Broken Flowers

From the mouth of Jim Jarmusch comes this quote (slightly edited) from the 2005 DVD release of Broken Blossoms from the bonus feature entitled “Farmhouse”:

I like to make scenes that—where you have no idea what’s gonna happen next. It’s not a formula, you know? The most beautiful, deep things in our lives are not rational. They’re usually emotional or they’re connections with other people, and those things are very mysterious. Things don’t happen in a rational way. They happen in more of an emotional way or a random way or by molecules in the universe moving in a way we don’t control, you know?

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Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Tyler Perry came to the film world with a fan base he developed over six years as an Atlanta playwright. His first success, reportedly very hard-won, was with the play I Know I’ve Been Changed. This is what he told Scott Bowles of USA Today about it:

[After initial failures elsewhere, the] House of Blues show sold out. “Maybe I visited the right churches,” he says. “Maybe I finally got the word out. But until I die, I’ll believe that when I finally forgave my [previously abusive] father, the Lord blessed the play.”

Mad Black Woman begins with a lavish party in honor of Charles (Steve Harris), the husband of 18 years of Helen (Kimberly Elise). He’s the recipient of Atlanta’s Jacob Frienstein Attorney of the Year Award. Life looks great for Charles and Helen but, as Helen profoundly states, “what looks one way on the outside can be a totally different matter on the inside.” Profound.

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