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Rene Camarillo: Bad Teacher or the Worst Teacher?

First Email

Professor Camarillo,

Hello. I just finished taking the Lesson 2 quiz and I missed three questions. However, I’m not sure that the answers to these questions actually appear in the textbook. I think it’s possible that at least one of these questions may be unanswerable.

I can find no evidence in the textbook that this is the correct answer:

Question text: “Data travels to the microprocessor on the….”

As far as I know, Apple has been using Intel processors since 2005; the most recent revision date of the textbook is 2012:

Question text: “The processor that is used in Apple computers to run OSX natively is manufactured by….”

I can find no data on what the internal bus speed of the first Pentium processors were anywhere. The book says that “[t]he first Pentium CPUs ran at the same speed as the bus–60Mhz”:

Question text: “The internal bus for the original Pentium series microprocessor is ____ bits in length.”

Thank you,

Clifton, thanks for the email.

1. External data bus is the correct answer. If you look at page 28, second sentence, it states, “The processor is called the CPU (central processing unit) or microprocessor. Therefore, if you look at page 29 it states, “The external data bus connects the processor to adapters…”

2. Motorola is the correct answer. If you look at page 28, last sentence of the first paragraph, it states, “The processor designed by Motorola have been used in Apple computers for years.”

3. 32 is the correct answer. If you look at page 30, second paragraph, it states, “Intel’s 80386D CPU has 32-bit internal…data buses.”

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Metacommunication and Rio Salado College

If you end up taking COM100 at Rio Salado with Laura Helminski, I have some advice for you: don’t. Take a different class with a different professor at a different school.

OK, so you just want to get it over with. Hopefully, this will help a bit.

You see, in order to save you money, Rio is using an old version of Communication: Principles for a Lifetime. Bizarrely, somebody decided to randomly insert some material from a different textbook into this bastardized one.

The information on metacommunication appears on page 18 of my Rio textbook. Of course, the folks at Rio couldn’t be bothered to add an entry to this in the Frankenbook’s index. I hope this helps someone out there.

Here are the pages in question from the actual source: metacommunication.

Professor Doyle Burke

If anybody is voting for the Maricopa County Community College District 1 Governing Board, I encourage you to vote for Doyle Burke. I took two film classes with this guy. One of the classes was on Japanese film and I was the only student. The guy loves film and was willing to share that with just one interested student. Pretty cool. I have no idea where he stands politically and don’t really care. I don’t have any such data to share about his rival. Hope everybody has a nice vote.

El Cápac Ñan


El Cápac Ñan es el nombre que se les da al extenso sistema de caminos, eje principal de la red viaria del Imperio inca. Todos los caminos del imperio se vinculaban con el Cusco, la capital imperial, de donde se desprenden una serie de caminos que unen los distintos pueblos del Imperio Inca. Durante el Tahuantinsuyo constituyó un medio de integración para el desarrollo de la cultura andina en los aspectos político–administrativo, socioeconómicos, sociales, culturales y ambientales. Fue usado por los conquistadores españoles para dirigirse a Bolivia, Chile y las pampas cordilleranas argentinas.


Waiting for “Superman”

“Sixty-eight percent of inmates in Pennsylvania are high school dropouts. The state spends $33,000/year on each prisoner, which makes the total cost of the average prison term (4 years) $132,000. The average private school costs $8,300/year. So, for the same amount, we could’ve sent a prison inmate to a private school from kindergarten through 12th grade and still had [$24,100] left for college.”

Perhaps valid as the evidence points to private school students matriculating at a much higher rate than public school students.*
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e-Commerce Self Quiz Chapter 4


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A cookie is a data file that is placed on a user’s hard drive by a remote Web server only when the user gives full consent to collect information about the user’s activities at a site.


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The purpose of an EC customer behavior model is to help firms understand how a consumer makes a purchasing decision to be able to influence that decision through advertising or other marketing methods.


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In the consumer decision-making process, the buyer is the person who ultimately makes the buying decision.


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By increasing customer loyalty, EC companies can achieve each of the following benefits except:
lower marketing and advertising costs.
higher warranty claims costs.
lower transaction costs.
lower resistance to competitors.


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One of the major challenges of one-to-one advertising is ________, or the flooding of users with junk e-mail, banners, pop-ups, and so on.
interstitial ads
permission marketing
behavioral targeting


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Customer loyalty is important because it is a customer’s deep commitment to buying a product or service consistently in the future, thereby causing repetitive same-brand or same brand-set purchasing.


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The introduction of EC has:
decreased customer loyalty because customers can more easily shop, compare, and switch to different vendors.
increased customer loyalty because customers don’t have time to shop around.
increased the cost of acquiring and retaining customers.
decreased advertising and promotion costs.


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Banner exchanges are markets where companies can trade or exchange placement of banner ads on each other’s Web sites.


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________, such as concerts and videos, can generate tremendous public excitement and bring huge crowds to a Web site.
Live Web events
Phone casting
Mobile casting


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One of the major objectives of universal services is to increase customer loyalty through individual personalization.


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One of the keys to building effective customer relationships is to understand intelligent agents.


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Personal characteristics of customers, such as age and income, are independent variables, which are uncontrollable variables for EC companies.


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Attracting and retaining loyal customers is the most important issue for e-tailers because customer loyalty can lower marketing and advertising costs, transaction costs, customer turnover expenses, and failure costs such as warranty claims.


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Segmentation refers to the matching of services, products, and advertising content to individuals and their preferences.


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All of the following describe click-through rate except:
It is the ratio between the number of clicks on a banner ad and the number of times it is seen by viewers.
It is a request for data from a Web page or file.
It measures the success of a banner in attracting visitors to click on the ad.
It may be less than or equal to the conversion rate.


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Ways in which user profiles are typically generated by EC businesses include all of the following except:
asking users to fill in a questionnaire
using cookies, spyware, or Web bugs to observe what people are doing online
using customer segmentation to identify customers’ preferences
basing them on what customers have purchased online before


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Procter & Gamble (P&G) used the Internet in the new product development of Whitestrips, a teeth-brightening product. Based on this experience, P&G:
decided to add Internet research to its traditional marketing test model.
could not determine the target market segments for the Whitestrips.
learned that the cost of online surveys was about the same as similarly sized telephone surveys, but online surveys expedited research considerably.
reduced the time-to-market from concept to market launch by approximately two years.


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The world’s largest online movie rental subscription company, Netflix, implemented intelligent agents in its movie recommendation service called CineMatch to help customers select movies they would like to watch and to better manage its inventory.


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Spyware is tiny graphics files embedded in email messages and in Web sites that transmit information about users and their movements to a Web server.


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Mass marketing is an approach to marketing that treats each customer in a unique way such as fitting advertising to the customer’s profile and needs.


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The popularity of Apple’s iPhone and Application Store has made ________ important to advertisers, who see social networking widgets, restaurant locators, mobile games, and other applications as prime targets.
direct marketing
mobile advertising
banner ads


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An Internet merchant can increase its trustworthiness by using each of the following except:
a vendor evaluation, such as BBB Online
simple design
a convenient return policy


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The first step in the buying decision process is product evaluation and comparison.


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Satisfaction is one of the most important consumer reactions in the B2C online environment.


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Word-of-mouth marketing by which customers promote a product or service by telling others via social networks or other means is referred to as:
affiliate marketing.
viral marketing.
target marketing.
search engine marketing.


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A(n) ________ is someone whose advice or view carries some weight in making a final purchasing decision.


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The use of cookies:
is one of the most controversial issues in EC.
has not helped Internet marketers target their ads.
is a widely used method for mass marketing.
is being replaced by adware and spyware programs.


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How many Apple Application Store downloads were made by users in the five months spanning July 2008 to December 2008?
100 million
25 million
5 million
1 million


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Web site content is especially important to increase stickiness because:
customers are expensive to acquire.
Web sites are expensive to maintain.
competitors are always attempting to steal away customers.
of Internet-accessible mobile devices.


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Social factors such as word-of-mouth play an influential role in EC shopping or online gaming.


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In the consumer purchasing decision process, virtual catalogs and links to external sources support the evaluation and selection phase of that process.


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Customer loyalty can lead to enhanced resistance to competitors, a decrease in price sensitivity, and an increase in favorable word-of-mouth.


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What is the key problem that biometric marketing is intended to solve?
knowing the identity of the actual shopper
improving accuracy of the shopper’s data
increasing the speed of order processing
creating a loyalty program


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Banner advertising on Web sites helps trigger a realization that there is a gap between reality and a desired state, which occurs in the ________ stage of the EC purchase decision-making process.
need identification or recognition
information search
product or merchant brokering


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The ethical issue raised by profiling customers too precisely is:
invasion of privacy.
theft of intellectual property.


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As the volume of customers, products, vendors, and information increases, it becomes uneconomical or impossible for customers to consider all relevant information and available products/services. The practical solution to handling such information overload is to:
use permission marketing.
use software or intelligent agents.
increase the use of ad agencies.
design Web sites with minimal content.


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Marketing and advertising approaches have evolved from mass marketing to market segmentation to one-to-one marketing. This evolution occurred because:
the marketing focus shifted from customers to products.
companies sought to decrease the number of marketing campaigns.
concerns about privacy have diminished.
the Internet enabled companies to better communicate with customers and understand their needs and buying habits.


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Personalization is the matching of services or products with large groups of customer segments.


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Paws ‘n Tails is an online pet shop that wants to influence what its customers buy and build effective customer relationships and loyalty. What is the key to influencing behavior and building these relationships?
understanding consumer online behavior and then influencing it through advertising and promotions
understanding competitors’ pricing strategy and then undercutting it
identifying the wants and needs of major customer segments
suggesting as many products as possible to online shoppers as soon as they visit the EC site


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One problem with Web analytics, Web mining, clickstream data, and so on is that you observe and follow a computer without knowing who is actually moving the mouse, which can be solved with biometric marketing.

e-Commerce Self Quiz Chapter 10

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The success and security of EC depend on the ________ of information and the business Web site.
encryption, functionality, and privacy
quality, reliability, and speed
authentication, authorization, and nonrepudiation
confidentiality, integrity, and availability

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Digital signatures or digital certificates:
are used to validate the sender and time stamp of the transaction so it cannot be later claimed that the transaction was unauthorized or invalid.
have been compromised by phishers and spammers.
provide complete confidence that the transactions are secure.
Both A and B

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A botnet is a:
collection of a few hundred hijacked Internet computers that have been set up to forward traffic, including spam and viruses, to other computers on the Internet.
piece of software code that inserts itself into a host or operating system to launch DOS attacks.
piece of code in a worm that spreads rapidly and exploits some known vulnerability.
coordinated network of computers that can scan and compromise other computers and launch DOS attacks.

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Protection of the U.S. computer networks is in the hands of the Department of the Interior (DOI).

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Seattle’s Northwest Hospital and Medical Center was attacked by malware that was able to enter their network through a Windows flaw.

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Security functions or characteristics of digital signatures include all of the following except:
A digital signature is the electronic equivalent of a personal signature, which can be forged.
Digital signatures are based on public keys for authenticating the identity of the sender of a message or document.
Digital signatures ensure that the original content of an electronic message or document is unchanged.
Digital signatures are portable.

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Which of the following statements about hardware and software security defenses is false?
Hardware and software security defenses protect against irresponsible business practices or corrupt management.
There is no single hardware or software solution appropriate for all companies.
If firewalls and antivirus software are not upgraded and monitored constantly, they will not remain useful.
After the EC security program and policies are defined and risk assessment completed, then the software and hardware needed to support and enforce them can be put in place.

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Active tokens are storage devices (e.g., magnetic strip) that contain a secret code used in a two-factor authentication system.

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Which of the following is not an underlying reason why a comprehensive EC security strategy is needed?
The Internet was designed for maximum efficiency without regard for its security or users with malicious intent.
The shift is toward profit-motivated crimes.
Managers treat EC security as a process.
Many companies fail to implement basic IT security management best practices, business continuity plans, and disaster recovery plans.

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The process of determining what the authenticated entity is allowed to access and what operations it is allowed to perform is known as:

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Risk creates vulnerability, which is the probability that this weakness will be known and used.

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Administrators need to check the integrity of programs and patches that are installed; and new programs and tools should be installed in a test environment before putting them into a production environment.

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Assurance that stored data has not been modified without authorization or a message that was sent is the same message that was received is referred to as:

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The ________ translates or converts domain names to their IP addresses.

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Social engineering is a type of technical attack to circumvent security measures by manipulating people to get them to reveal crucial authentication information.

It is a type of nontechnical attack.

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An IP address uniquely identifies each computer connected to a network or the Internet.

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According to the CSI 2008 Security Survey, the most expensive computer security incidents were those involving ________.
financial fraud
viruses and worms
unintentional human errors
targeted attacks

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Acceptable use policies (AUP) inform users of their responsibilities when a cyberattack or network intrusion has occurred.

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The ________ was invented by Netscape to use standard certificates for authentication and data encryption to ensure privacy or confidentiality.
certificate authority
public key infrastructure
secure socket layer
digital envelope

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An EC security strategy requires multiple layers of defense against risks from malware, fraudsters, customers, and employees.

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Biometric systems are authentication systems that identify a person by measurement of a biological characteristic, such as fingerprints, iris patterns, facial features, or voice.

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Public key infrastructure (PKI) is an authentication method that:
has become the cornerstone for secure e-payments and intranet applications.
is based on the Data Encryption Standard, which is the standard symmetric encryption algorithm supported by U.S. government agencies.
encrypts and decrypts large amounts of data effectively.
uses encryption keys ranging from 64 bits to 128 bits.

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Due care in EC is those actions that a company is reasonably expected to take based on the risks affecting its business and transactions.

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Shoppers can rely on online fraud protection provided by credit card issuers to protect them from identity theft.

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According to the CSI 2008 Security Survey, the most expensive security incidents were those involving viruses.

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Fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems, and voice recognition all are examples of ________ that recognize a person by some physical trait.
biometric systems
human firewalls
intrusion detection systems
access control lists

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The Internet, or more specifically the Internet and network protocols, was never intended for use by untrusted users or components.

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Hackers are able to easily gain access to a network when IS staff do not ensure that all traffic into and out of a network passes through a firewall.

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Because the consequences of weak network security can be severe, it is necessary that senior management have a basic understanding of best practices in network risk management.

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The incidence of online fraud and identify theft would increase for each of the following reasons except:
There is growth in EC sales and the number of shoppers with higher incomes.
Information is a valuable form of currency.
Hackers are increasingly motivated by fame and notoriety.
Scammers are outsourcing work to programmers to gain control of computers or wireless networks.

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All of the following are characteristics of access control except:
Access control determines which persons, programs, or machines can legitimately use a network resource and which resources he, she, or it can use.
Access control lists (ACLs) define users’ rights, such as what they are allowed to read, view, write, print, copy, delete, execute, modify, or move.
All resources need to be considered together to identify the rights of users or categories of users.
After a user has been identified, the user must be authenticated.

Each resource needs to be considered separately. (pages 451 and 452).

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The attacks and defense of computers can affect individuals, organizations, countries, or the entire Web.

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The protection of information systems against unauthorized access to or modification of information that is stored, processed, or being sent over a network is referred to as:
information assurance.
data integrity.
information integrity.
human firewall.

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The PCI data security standard was developed by the FTC to protect against credit card fraud and identity theft.

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The assurance that an online customer or trading partner cannot falsely deny their purchase or transaction is referred to as:

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The key reasons why EC criminals cannot be stopped include each of the following except:
Sophisticated hackers use browsers to crack into Web sites.
Strong EC security makes online shopping inconvenient and demanding on customers.
There is a lack of cooperation from credit card issuers and foreign ISPs.
Online shoppers do not take necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim.

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An EC security strategy and program begins with:
the commitment and involvement of executive management.
layers of hardware and software defenses.
information security policies and training.
secure design of EC applications.

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Authentication can be based on the public key infrastructure (PKI) which is based on:
message digest.
plain text.
key space.

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________ systems are highly useful for both law enforcement and for law breaking, for example, by providing a means to obtain passwords or encryption keys and thus bypassing other security measures.
Keystroke logging
Access control
Intrusion detection

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Which is not an advantage of virtual private networks (VPN) for data communications?
They are less expensive than private leased lines because they use the public Internet to carry information.
They ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data transmitted over the Internet without requiring encryption.
They can reduce communication costs dramatically because VPN equipment is cheaper than other remote solutions.
Remote users can use broadband connections rather than make long distance calls to access an organization’s private network.