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goodreads Quotation (mis)Attribution Quiz

The folks at goodreads love to pollute the Internet with dubiously-sourced quotes from various people. I looked into 21 of their top quotes to see if the person the quote is ascribed to actually said it or was the first to say it. Click below to see if you know who said what and when.


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El Cápac Ñan


El Cápac Ñan es el nombre que se les da al extenso sistema de caminos, eje principal de la red viaria del Imperio inca. Todos los caminos del imperio se vinculaban con el Cusco, la capital imperial, de donde se desprenden una serie de caminos que unen los distintos pueblos del Imperio Inca. Durante el Tahuantinsuyo constituyó un medio de integración para el desarrollo de la cultura andina en los aspectos político–administrativo, socioeconómicos, sociales, culturales y ambientales. Fue usado por los conquistadores españoles para dirigirse a Bolivia, Chile y las pampas cordilleranas argentinas.


Motorcycle Safety Guide

Motorcycle Operation Quiz on Quizlet

The following is based on the Twelfth Revision of the Motorcycle Safety Guide, May 2004.

1. A plastic shatter-resistant face shield:
A. Is not necessary if you have a windshield. [x]
B. Only protects your eyes. [x]
C. Helps protect your whole face. [x]
D. Does not protect your face as we as goggles. [x]

2. More than half of all crashes:
A. Occur at speeds greater than 35 mph. [x]
B. Happen at night. [x]
C. Are caused by worn tires. [x]
D. Involve riders who have ridden their motorcycles less than six months. [x] Continue reading Motorcycle Safety Guide